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Behaviour Management

The following is a list that is considered as unacceptable behaviour at Gray Primary School. When teachers are discussing the behaviour with the student they will take into account the severity and the frequency of the behaviour, before deciding on which consequence is appropriate.

In accordance with the NT Schools Policy Handbook, students can be suspended for any of the following behaviours. 

  • Vandalism - Breaking or damaging school or other peoples equipment.
  • Stealing - Taking school or other peoples equipment without permission.
  • Harassment - Stirring or teasing, eg taking hats, name calling.
  • Bullying - This involves intentional, unjustified and repeated verbal bullying, physical bullying, emotional bullying, sexual or racial bullying.
  • Assault - Deliberately hitting, pushing, punching, hitting with a weapon, spitting at, fighting or hurting others.
  • Disrespect - Swearing directed at others, including finger signs, body language, non–compliance with a reasonable instruction from an adult.
  • Dishonesty - Deliberately lying to others.
  • Absconding - Running away from the classroom or running out of the school grounds

'The Ant and The Elephant' - a process for working through problems at Gray - click here to view

NT Government Behaviour Management Information