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CPA - Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment is the core business at Gray Primary School. We have a futures orientation that is engaging and relevant, enriched with life skills that recognises and values differences for successful and connected life-long learning.

Teachers at Gray Primary use the Dimensions of Learning Productive Pedagogies Framework to critically reflect upon their practice.

Australian Curriculum

All teachers are currently programming from the Australian Curriculum in English & Maths and using the Gray Primary Curriculum Map for other subjects.

Detailed programming time lines have been provided to teachers each term. Teachers are required to submit programming for review at the start of each term.

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning occurs across the school in Terms 1, 2 & 3.many forms. In Term 4, teachers work in planning teams to begin planning for the next year. Throughout the year teachers work more informally in Professional Learning Teams.

Teachers also work in collaboration with Special Needs teachers, ESL teachers, AIEWs, Tutors, Librarian and Student Services to promote high quality curriculum planning.

Programming Protocol Review Teams

Programming Protocol Review Teams provide staff with an opportunity to critically review their programming.

Teachers, including a Leadership member of staff, provide critical feedback to teachers on their programming using the protocol process.

Using protocols engages teachers in conversations about their practice in a supportive and safe way, promoting deprivatisation of practice and sharing productively.


All students are regularly tested in reading, writing, oral language and all aspects of maths.  These students who do not achieve the national benchmarks are placed in Intervention Programs.