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Homework is an opportunity for students to show parents what they are doing at school.

It fosters the study skills of independent work, self–discipline and timetabling and provides additional practice consolidating new skills.

Lower Primary (Transition, Yrs 1–3)
The emphasis is placed on practice in newly acquired skills, particularly in English and Mathematics. Homework usually involves students bringing home reading books and reading to an adult. Work sheets and⁄or workbooks may be brought home by students to enable practice in skills being taught at school.

Middle School (Yrs 4–7)
Yrs 4⁄5 — 20 minutes x 4 days⁄week
Yrs 6⁄7 — 30 minutes x 4 days⁄week
Each student in the middle school will have a homework diary where homework tasks will be recorded and through which parents and teachers may communicate. Students in year 4 — 7 have regular projects in specific subjects. Students will be set deadlines of 2 — 4 weeks to complete each task.
Parents are encouraged to provide children with a space at home where they can do their homework away from noise and other distractions.

  Gray Primary School Homework Policy