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Gray Primary School is a vibrant multicultural school with many languages spoken. These include indigenous and non-indigenous.

Gray Primary places a strong emphasis on programmes that build English literacy from an early age.  These are available for parents to access with their infant and preschool children.

The school partners with a number of organisations to provide these strong early English literacy programmes in preparation for preschool and primary school:

  1. Babies Group (0 – 1 year) is coordinated by the Strong Beginnings organisation
  2. Play Group is coordinated by the Strong Beginnings organisation
  3. Reading is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 is run by the Smith Family

The use of assessment data is an essential aspect of Gray Primary School’s literacy programmes, enabling individual student learning needs to be targeted.  Baseline data is obtained at the beginning of the year in Reading, Writing, Grammar and Spelling.  Students’ reading progress is tested each term using a PM Benchmark Assessment Kit, and student writing is assessed through a moderated task each term. 

In addition to the implementation of the Australian English curriculum, the following primary intervention programmes continue to build student English literacy:

  1. Indigenous Language Speaking Students (ILSS) programme for Indigenous students with low oral English in their first year of formal schooling
  2. Mini-lit for students in Year 1
  3. Quick Smart Literacy for students in Years 3 – 6