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The Smith Family is piloting a ‘digital basics’ program, developed in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology. The program will support disadvantaged students in years 5 & 6 to develop and improve their foundational digital literacy skills.

Program Aims
The pilot program will enable students to develop foundational digital skills required to complete in-class tasks, homework and assignments. The Smith Family will be running a pilot for 8 weeks during Term 2, 2019. The program will be offered to primary schools, namely students in years 5 & 6. Students will be offered the following support:

  • Weekly, 1.5 hour after school sessions for 8 weeks
  • Engaging educational content based on the ICT Capabilities Curriculum. Content has been verified by Queensland University of Technology academics.

What skills will students develop?
This program has been designed to address the fundamental digital skills that disadvantaged students often miss out on, which puts them behind in their education.
Skills that the program will cover include: Microsoft Office, presentation media, evaluating online searches, esafety and digital citizenship. Additionally, while it won’t be a focus of the program, students will develop critical skills required for competent participation in NAPLAN Online exams.