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What we do?


The Focus of the Gray Family Centre:

  • To assist parents, carers and families to support their childrens educational needs.
  • To provide a safe environment for parents to understand and access the school and its related services
  • To provide a range of social and educational events as requested by the school community

To achieve this we aim:

  • To work with parents and carers, students and teachers to improve educational outcomes
  • To maintain open and honest communication with parents and carers, teachers, students and community members to identify factors affecting student outcomes
  • To encourage, advise and support parents and carers to work closely with their child’s teacher and other school staff
  • To encourage and support parents and carers to participate in school events and School Council activities
  • To inform parents and carers of services in the Palmerston and surrounding areas that are available to them
  • To organise a range of events at suitable times to provide parents and carers with social and educational opportunities.