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School Facilities

GLA – General Learning Areas (Classrooms)

The school has three teaching blocks containing double classrooms, which are used as single rooms by moving the folding wall across, this allows for a variety of teaching methods to be adopted.
A double unit Preschool is on site.

Library (BER project completed July 2011)

Our Librarian ensures that the Gray School Community is provided with an efficient facility that:

  • Supports the planning and implementation of the teaching and learning programs.
  • Provides quality resources that promote and support reading for pleasure.
  • Provides teaching staff with curriculum resources and professional development materials from within and outside of the school.
  • Has a welcoming, stimulating and bright atmosphere.
  • Is promoted as a learning centre for students, school staff and parents.
  • Provides and maintains a wide range of multimedia resources.
  • Is available as a venue for professional development, meetings, recreational activities and special events.


Intervention Centre

The Intervention Centre is located in the centre of school and is currently used for a variety of learning units and the breakfast club.

A refurbishment of this building took place in 2012/13 and it now houses a dedicated student computer lab, Multi/Mini Lit Learning Unit, The Gray Family Centre community room and student/community cooking facility.



Our indoor assembly area and sports facility is a great space for the whole school to come together for events.  It has recently been fitted with two giant fans, which provide a great airflow for those warmer days.



Gray Primary School has been extremely lucky in having their school oval upgraded to a major soccer facility and boasts 2 senior and 3 junior ovals, together with professional grandstand and club rooms.  This sporting facility is a magnificent bonus to the school.


Netball / Basketball Courts

Our shaded netball & basketball courts are used daily by classes undertaking physical activity and during inter-school sports challenges.

Play Grounds

With 6 themed playgrounds across the school there is plenty of variety for all age groups.




Veg/Fruit Garden

In late 2010 Gray School commenced developing our fruit & vegetable garden including chicken coop, which consists of:

  • A large chicken coop with ducks and chickens which were raised from eggs
  • Composting bins
  • A worm farm
  • 6 raised fruit/vegetable beds using recycled plastic boarders ( 4.5 x 1.5m).
  • A large tropical fruit bed which has several varieties of bananas, pawpaw, pineapple, dragon fruit

Students participate on a daily basis in establishing and maintaining the garden.  This project provides a holistic approach to children's environmental learning by providing real-life natural experiences including conceptual exploration of living things, life-cycling, recycling, food webs and important lessons on co-operation, ownership, respect and responsibility. 
The garden provides an opportunity to investigate recycling as nature's way of cleaning up the world and the impact of humans on this process.

School Layout

The school has five teaching blocks each with two double classrooms, which can be converted to single rooms by moving the folding wall across, allowing a variety of teaching methods to be adopted.

A double transportable classroom was moved onto the grounds in 1998/99 to cater for increasing enrolments.

A double unit Preschool is on site

Adjoining the school is the Gray Childcare Centre and Community Hall.

The school has a multi-purpose shelter (hall) that is regularly used for assemblies, sporting activities and hired to the community.

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